10 / 13.12.2021

Australia’s failing delivery chains

It’s safe to say that just about everyone is looking forward to Christmas in 2021. And while this festive season promises to reunite family and friends across the country, giving us a sense that just maybe, things finally are returning to normal, logistics providers around the country are still struggling to make their deliveries within specified timeframes.

Over the past two years, Australia’s delivery network has been stress tested like never before. With delivery companies across the country uniformly struggling under the weight of what is reported to be an increase in orders of up to 300%, many companies simply don’t have the resources to keep up with demand.

The situation is exacerbated further by the fact that many companies rely on large, central processing facilities which are clogged up even further with the influx of parcels. This also means that, if one part of a company’s delivery network is impacted by an event such as a positive Covid-19 case, a key centralised warehouse can be shut down or forced to run on skeleton staff alone. So, what’s the solution for retailers who need time-sensitive marketing assets delivered when delivery partners no longer have the facilities or the resources to deliver on time?

Our approach has always been to eliminate the middleman. Because we specialise in creating and installing marketing assets for retailers around the country, it’s just not a viable choice for us to let the timely delivery of an entire campaign hinge on a semi-reliable third party. So to eliminate this risk, we handle the entire process ourselves.

We consolidate and store all project assets in our warehouse prior to a strategic dispatch and direct-to-store delivery through our national infield team. By shipping directly from our warehouse to installers, we’re not only able to ensure we deliver on time, we’re also able to conduct compliance checks and on the rare occasion freight is lost or damaged, we’re able to replace it before the campaign live date.

We also know the product we’re shipping back to front and have a vested interest in seeing it arrive undamaged and on time. That’s why we produce custom carton and packaging solutions on-site, ensuring the cost-effective and safe transport of all our clients’ campaign assets. Because when it comes to ensuring campaign assets arrive at their destination on time and in perfect condition —  close enough just isn’t good enough.

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