Doubling the Impact

Double Impact began operations back in 1990 when Managing Director, Jennifer Slaney, decided to combine her skills across design, manufacturing and window dressing/installation in order to offer an end-to-end service for her customers.

“I wanted to offer a comprehensive service, end to end and work for great brands and people,” says Jennifer.

“Some of Double Impact’s first customers were iconic studios such as Universal Pictures and Walt Disney. Having these amazing clients was so inspiring, the challenges and projects requested motivated me to rise to the occasion and deliver bigger, better best results. Growth was a natural progression — as projects grew we added more crew.

“I worked out of my double garage for the first 12 months, before moving into a small factory in Mona Vale — a tin shed next to the bus depot. It was exciting times working for myself doing what I loved: hand painting and creating styrene signage. It was at Mona Vale where the team expanded from NSW coverage to a National Service, allowing us to speed up our turnaround times and scale up our offering.”

Double Impact went on to produce dynamic displays for a range of iconic brands such as Sony Music, Roadshow Entertainment, Warner Music and Sony in retailers such as HMV, Brashes, Target, Big W, Video Ezy, and Blockbuster stores Nationally.

Back then, everything was manufactured by hand – from tirelessly hand-painting enough Mickey Mouse’s for a national department store campaign to recreating an immersive jungle scene for the launch of Jurassic Park – Jennifer and her team were dedicated to delivering best in class displays, whatever it took — challenge accepted and enjoyed. 

Jennifer said working with great brands was a lure for sure. But better than that was the joy of working with the amazing people who worked for these companies and having them take her on their journey as they moved industries in their career. Over 30 years, many of Double Impact’s initial customers are still great friends and clients to this day. Loyalty and trust are held very dear to Jennifer’s heart. 

“We did everything from sign writing on helicopters that were flying guests into Coolum Golf Course to sculpting giant sand dolphins on the beach. Once I was even asked to acquire a live baboon for the release of the movie Congo!”

Jennifer and her team’s dedication to their craft didn’t go unnoticed. They branched out from the movie industry into music, working with Neil Diamond and even Michael Jackson on the 1996 History tour.

“When Double Impact expanded into the music industry, the work volume went crazy. We didn’t have a computer back then— orders were faxed. It seems crazy in this day and age just how laborious our days were with admin prep before our creative day could start.

“We’d come to work in the morning and there’d be a ream of paper full of new project requests across the floor of the office. I’d sit there with scissors cutting up the sheets of paper and just collating the work onto a typewriter with carbon paper copies for invoices.” 

Of course, the world soon changed again and the music industry with it.

But, as always, Double Impact moved with the changes, remaining agile and alert — not just staying afloat but using change as a catalyst for exciting times and growth.

Nowadays, with cutting edge digital machinery offerings and an onsite factory boasting the latest in technology and logistics facilities (not to mention unmatched turnaround times and a national field team of over 100 Experience Engineers nationwide) Double Impact is, in many ways, worlds away from what it was back then in the early 1990s.

The company has been acknowledged with many awards including the pinnacle retail industries Shop! Awards, and glowing reviews from iconic brands that continue to partner with a great supplier like Double Impact. Brands such as Samsung, Lenovo, LG, Dyson, Oppo, Dell, Sony Computers and Audio-Technica were all award wins for design, manufacture and installation.  

Change is a given, but one thing you can be sure of is that Jennifer and her team will stay true to the course and continue to double the impact and embrace the latest technologies and services for their clients to ensure they deliver better best every time!  On time always!!

Double Impact has recently been recognised and awarded for numerous winning retail displays at the prestigious 2020 SHOP awards.



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