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Audio-Technica Immersive Headphone Display

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Audio-Technica is a global brand dedicated to the design, manufacture, marketing and distribution of high-end audio equipment. Our brief was to showcase the range of Audio-Technica headphones and communicate their ability to enhance the travel experience. The objective was to drive impulse purchases from travellers through the provision of an immersive experience in Tech2Go stores situated in airport terminals.

We completed the product launch display in a single morning before the stores opened for trading.

By balancing the brand’s sleek aesthetic with an inviting, tactile and interactive experience, we created a captivating installation that spoke to place, engaged the brand’s discerning target market and enabled consumers to experience the products’ superior audio for themselves.

The installation consisted of two distinct, though complementary displays. This enabled us to hero the flagship model as a premium offering, without detracting from the other models in the range.

We made the display relevant to its surroundings and echoed the flight experience by mirroring the shape of aeroplane windows. This enabled people interacting with the display to visualise themselves using the product in-flight.

The looped audio enabled consumers to experience the product’s high quality audio and noise cancelling features first hand, shortly before boarding — making purchasing the product an incredibly compelling proposition in the consumer’s mind.

The display’s unique design attributes made it visually appealing and also highly functional and immersive. Furthermore, the interchangeability of the acrylic covers allowed updates and iterations to the products being displayed.

With our pre-approved airport retail security clearance, these were installed into some of Australia’s most prominent airport retail spaces.

Sales increased significantly as a direct result of these path to purchase fixtures. The fixtures also provided our client significant marketing and branding benefits due to the high level of traffic the airports usually get. Being one of the major brands in Tec2Go, this fixture has secured Audio Technica’s business relationship with the retailer and enabled the brand to engage lifestyle travelers for years to come.

Designed and manufactured in-house in Australia for speed to market, this was a collaborative effort by the skilled members of our team – industrial designers, CAD operators, project managers, a national team of installers and our compliance team for an end to end solution.

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