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Audio-Technica Turntable Display

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Our brief was to create 35 unique retail fixtures to display three live skus which would raise the profile of Audio-Technica’s turntable product range within Good Guys stores — grabbing consumer attention and driving brand awareness to increase sales and provide a clear differentiator between the client and their competitors in the market.

What’s more, the displays were installed nationwide overnight and assisted in a huge sell through of the product through-out Australia over a short period.

The display needed to effectively showcase the three key turntables in the range while incorporating a space for floor stock, to enable consumers to view and interact with the products before physically picking one up to take to the counter for purchase – we needed to create a ‘silent salesman’.

Turntables were hung to appear as though they were floating on the display. In addition to this, a lifestyle image was incorporated to be interchangeable, enabling a cost-effective merchandiser refresh.

Using supporting elements such as a white LED ribbon, we created a nuanced though impactful difference between our client’s product and their competitors. The floating effect this simple addition created, elevated the products above similar skus, identifying a clear hero within the department.

The significant sales increase recorded across all three product SKUs is testimony to the efficacy of this display and the impact it had with its target market. Store staff have also enjoyed the connection between display and live product – they liked that it has allowed for the housing of the stock to be a key feature of the fixture. If staff are busy, the display acts as a salesman and sells the story allowing path to purchase straight to the register.

Both the retailer and the brand are extremely pleased with the growth of this range, and the impact made by this campaign.

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