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Dell Alienware Interactive Gaming Tables

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Alienware computers are known for their power, reliability, and big graphics, which makes them perfect for gamers of all levels. The Double Impact brief was to retrofit 27 gaming tables in JB HiFi stores with a call to action for consumers and an immersive display that appealed to the brand’s core market of gamers and encouraged them to engage with the product in-store.

Installed into 27 stores nationwide in three days with 100% compliance, the roll-out was seamless.

We wanted to achieve a balance of creativity, interactivity and brand expression to captivate and engage tech-forward audiences and gamers alike. We used movement and lighting to draw attention to the display’s key feature: a pulsating, edge-lit acrylic honeycomb Alienware screen, which covered the entire table.

To accentuate and prompt interaction with the products themselves, we installed blue LEDs under each laptop. Positioned below the red pulsating light of the Alienware screen, the static blue light grounded the display and created an inviting space for users to interact with the fixture — defining the path to purchase experience.

Retrofitting an existing installation comes with its own set of challenges and these were a major factor in this display. We wanted to create a striking display that was highly visible throughout the store but, being a gaming table, we also needed to consider the comfort and safety of consumers who were using the products on the display.

With this in mind, the prominent edge-lit acrylic honeycomb Alienware screen which covered the entire table was used to visually draw consumers in but also provided a clear line of sight to the other side of the display fixture.

The fixture upgrade was designed to allow one person to install in a timely manner reducing installation and compliance costs.

This fixture helped achieve overwhelming sales growth for the client. In addition to this, DELL reported a dramatic increase in dwell time in-store. The client sees the fixture as a huge success, saying: “One of the biggest challenges has been keeping up with stock demand due to the large increase in sell through.”

Our plug and play concept, with its futuristic design meant we were able to achieve a display which amplified the enthusiasm of gamers while also exceeding DELL’s time and budget constraints.

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