8 / 10.11.2021

Understanding customer behaviour in the ‘new normal’

Physical retail converts better than any other channel (often around 10x better in fact), but the way people are interacting with bricks-and-mortar retail is changing.  Because most shoppers’ path to purchase is now an omnichannel journey, their store visits are becoming more researched and less random — customers not only want to touch and try on products they also want the seamless experience of online shopping.

Because of this new, more targeted consumer behaviour, retailers should be revisiting their cross-selling strategies with a focus on continuity between physical and digital, as well as maximising point of sale and front of store marketing assets. Hero products are also touted to make a strong comeback as brands align their ecosystems.

While this change has been happening for quite some time, COVID has caused a dramatic increase in the use of digital channels and has greatly diminished the relevancy of pre-pandemic market research and strategies. Compounding things further, the relative difficulty of measuring the impact of physical marketing has led many retailers to lean on digital more and more, often at the expense of their physical assets and ultimately their bottom line.

With a national field team of experience engineers, custom app and software solution, Double Impact is uniquely positioned to provide deep market insights that will help you re-engage customers and better understand how consumers are behaving in relation to your brand and products. What’s more, we can help you measure how this behaviour is changing, mapping trends and accurately projecting outcomes.

Using the latest retail data and insights technology including eye motion tracking, through/idle traffic mapping and direct shopper experience, we’ll provide you with deep insights at both a store and category level – arming you with the information you need to position your brand and product perfectly within the new retail landscape.

Measuring consumer behaviour effectively across all channels will enable your brand to map buyer journeys and better understand what drives purchase decisions, enabling you to maximise your marketing spend. Speak to us today about you can keep up to date on consumer behaviours and help your brand operate more effectively.






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