Market insights and competitor analysis

The environment your brand activates in and the impression you make on the people within it, play a pivotal role in brand image, awareness and conversion rates. We’ll help you gain a deeper understanding of how your brand is seen from a customer perspective, identifying opportunities for growth and elevation above your competitors.

We’ll provide clarity on how your products and marketing assets are positioned across your national footprint and can tailor an analysis to meet your specific needs. With app and image capture technology, we deliver unparalleled insight and understanding to help you optimise your presence in-store.

The competitive edge

Arming your business with market insights will enable you to adapt to the rapidly changing retail landscape, making it easier for you to craft successful sales and marketing strategies going forward.

Our market insights will help you identify new consumers, re-engage lapsed customers, and better understand what drives buying decisions and how consumers behave in relation to your brand and products.

Using the latest retail data and insights technology including eye motion tracking, through/idle traffic mapping and direct shopper experience, we’ll provide you with deep insights at both a store and category level – arming you with the information you need to position your brand and product perfectly.

Stay one step ahead

To maintain a competitive advantage it’s imperative to not only understand your customer but to understand your competitors and how they’re positioned in relation to your offering in the market.

Are you planning new categories and product lines and want to make sure they stand out in the market next to your competitors? We’ll help you understand what other brands in your category are doing in-store, so you can make informed decisions around launch timings, marketing spend, displays and messaging.
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