Site audits and maintenance

Our post-install services will help you extract the most value possible from all your retail marketing activities. Our granular assessments and surveys provide the clarity you need to achieve operational and marketing excellence.

From precise, real time insights on your sales channels to ongoing fixture maintenance and support, we’re here to help every step of the way.

Retail Audits

Are you looking to ensure consistency across all touchpoints for your brand?
To maximise the value of your marketing activities, it is essential to understand what is happening in-store – from promotional compliance to category and competitor activity. A Double Impact retail audit enables you to constantly evaluate your brand’s position in-store and in the minds of your customers.

With qualitative and quantitative surveying we provide you with a complete picture of how your brand and product is represented in the market. We’ll also provide recommendations that will help you drive improvements in performance throughout the entire customer journey and sales process.

Mystery shopping

With our nationally distributed infield team, we have the ability to provide you with the information you need to ensure your brand is being represented as you intended in-store. Our team will mirror consumer behaviour before creating a detailed report of their interactions with your brand, giving you clarity on the impact you’re making in-store.

We’ll provide you with actionable insights on the customer journey and identify training and implementation gaps at store, state and national levels. We commit to 100% data integrity and coverage.


We can assist you with routine and regular maintenance cycles, as well as tactical repairs to ensure your brand and products remain optimised at all touchpoints. We’ll even undertake site checks and assessments to identify potential issues before they arise.

A Double Impact maintenance plan gives you peace of mind, knowing your assets remain in as-new condition every day they’re live. And when needed, our national in-field team can be on site in a matter of hours – anywhere in the country.

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